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Changing communities 

one downward dog at a time.

Who We Are

Our mission is to create a space of healing for people of color and individuals with low socioeconomic status through yoga and more.


For many in our communities this is a practice that is out of reach and not in touch with their reality.


Bringing Yoga 4 A Good Hood to multiple locations in the city of Rochester will aid in addressing the issues of brokenness, hardship, abuse and self-degradation. By giving people these tools, our hope is find peace within instead of always seeking something outside of themselves.


Through donation, your help allows us to provide access to those who lack the resources to benefit from yoga and healing.


For Volunteer Opportunities or Questions Contact Us

Yoga 4 A Good Hood

111 N. Chestnut St. Rochester NY 14604


Phone: (585) 672-4314‬ 

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