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The frenzy around the eclips has taken hold of folks in Oaray Colorado and all across the US. Posts on where to get your glasses to look safely at the sun to disappointment of not enough black out for their taste and even a woman who was going to lay naked to eclipse bathe. This phenomenon that some have never experienced in their lifetime has brought people to a standstill if only for the two minutes of the peakeclipse.

I was also excited to find a spot to sit and take it all in. It's surprising how 85% of the sun being blocked by the moon still is considerably light and no zombie apocalypse didn't ensue. But what was surprising for me was how incredibly still I got not only for that moment but for the day and I wanted it to stay.

In that 85% moment, in stillness, I looked up and made intentions.

One - to love better.

Two - to love me better.

Three - to love the ones I love better.

Four - to love the ones I don't love better.

That love seemed to saturate me like I was being bathed by cosmic water with rays of sunlight seeping out of my pores.

Eric and I took a keep ride up the mountains afterwards and before I even got into the jeep with two other couples I said "I don't want to sit in the middle my senses are all wonky and on overload."

Guess where we sat.

In the middle.

Then. Ego screamed. Drowning out my intention of love. No being still like I was floating in the cosmic waves but rather my mind is thrashing around like I'm going down!

But love is never really drowned out.

Love floated back up. Gently reminding me of intentions and I was grateful.

That moment seemed to clear some space. It's like getting the two bedroom apartment to yourself once your roommate moves out and you can run naked and free in your true self. Liberating.

It didn't matter my position on a jeep. Because we all was in the same jeep trying to make our way up the mountain of 1230 elevation. Struggling for oxygen and with the same fears and ego screams confusing our thoughts.

All trying to be better and do better.

We are all truly one. Even the brash Texan oil man that bellowed in his biggest voice in our peace-filled wish ride.

Yes. Even him. Loving him better or what I project on all the "hims" of my crazy mind better. And when I love him better. I circle back and love me better. Now that's eclipse bathing.

Enjoy the journey

Love and light


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