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And the cow jumped over the moon!

Over the last two weeks Eric and I have been on vacation enjoying the sights, sounds and people of Colorado and Arizona. We have hiked, watched (not directly mind you) an eclipse, sat under the stars and moon and even the looming clouds of a monsoon.

During that time I have had the opportunity to see the sky clearer than I ever have I believe. From being anywhere from 8,000 to 1300 elevation I felt I could touch the heavens.

One night while outside and meditating I remember the opening my eyes to folk-like music playing somewhere there in Telleride and I started thinking of the nursery rhyme:

"Hey diddle diddle. The cat and the fiddle. And the cow jumped over the moon."

I laughed to myself and wondered where and why my mind was taking me to that nursery rhyme. Then I remembered that a guru Mooji talked about that rhyme in one of my readings and it must have just landed.

I then smiled to my inner roommate who tried to derail me from my mental wandering of why?

Roommate: "hey isn't that music cool? What are they singing?"

Me: "I don't know. Why am I remembering this passage?"

Roommate: "what's Eric doing?"

Me: "what is Eric do...?" "No why am I remembering this passage?" There has to be a reason."

Roommate: "look at me!"

Me: "No, I want to look at me."

Then it clicked. That nursery rhyme. What I read. What Mooji was conveying that I didn't understand at the time. That it's time to transcend limitations that I place on myself and others.

...and the cow jumped over the moon!

This child's nursery rhyme that invokes imagination that as they grow up we tell them that it's all fantasy. A cow can't jump over the moon we say emphatically!


We stop dreaming.

We stop being our true selves.

We stop jumping higher.

We become limited with our circles. Because a cow can't jump over the moon...

But can it?

Me the cow!

Can I, jump over the moon of my mind?

The things that I place limitations on regarding my true self. That moon that seems impossible to reach that our ego centered roommate in our heads tell us cannot be achievable and that only certain folks can achieve or be. That moon that is only available to certain groups based on their socio-economic,race and gender position.

I'm starting to become opposed to the phrase "your vibe attracts you tribe." I get it and I have tribe in my church, yoga community, friends and family.

Some of those "tribes" interesect while some of them do not.

Some of those tribes are exclusive no matter how inclusive we try to make them.

These tribes are xenophobic, fearful of the stranger, at times posing each tribe against the other.

Pentecost tribe vs. the Lutheran tribe

Dodley's tribe vs. the Olear tribe vs. the Johnson tribe.

Bikram vs Baptiste vs Iyengar

Yogi vs Yogi

White vs Black

Women vs Men

Women vs Women vs Men vs Men

Gay vs Straight

It goes on. Tribalism. Social constructs that our egos have created to make us feel special.

But we are not.

We are not special.

But. This is key...

We. Are. Love.

We. Are. Interconnected.

We. Are. Light.

And if we begin to believe that we wouldn't need tribes. We wouldn't need to feel special. We all would just be... LOVE

Our non jumping over the moon ego selfs keep telling us we can't be that loving creation. That we are all too different to be of love, interconnectedness and light for this world.

Hell, a cat can't play a fiddle!

I remember as a child my imagination could see so much possibility. So, now I'm trying to get back to that innocence that lays deep within my heart.

That all are my tribe. A tribe of love that wishes to jump over the moon. Beyond imagination to what is true. To what is real.




Won't you jump with me.


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