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Walking with myself

5/23/18 - bones in my foot reinforced and replaced with hardware.  

6/21/18 - total hip replacement 

6/22/18 - learning how to walk again 

I know to say that my yoga is helping me to walk again may seem like an oversimplification of things.  But it’s true.  

Yoga has always helped me to get back on my feet both figuratively and literally. 

When my sons father was murdered over 20 years ago it was the breath that I learned in pranayama yoga that allowed me to stand upright and not feel as if the ground under me would never be back.  

When I lost my job and suffered public humiliation and I felt my knees buckle I turned to my meditation practice to begin to see myself and my worth again. 

In 2012 when my weight skyrocketed to 283lbs and my doctors said I wouldn’t live if I continued that path.  I went back to my mat after lots of medical help. 

And now... two more surgeries and I’m relying on what I’ve learned in the very basics of yoga - that tadasana is in every asana.  It has allowed me to awaken every muscle and engage bones that seem like they are in rebellion.  

From walkers, canes, other hardware to assist I’ve learned the importance once again what my mat has taught me. 

To listen to my body.  

Because my body never betrays. It teaches.  Even when breaking down.  It supports.  It shows me the way towards healing and how it wants to walk with me.  And show me new ways to explore it.  

That has been a valuable lesson for me and to be patient and loving towards myself.  To be patient with my progress.  To be open to new learning.  

Thinking back - it is Such a gift from the very first yoga class I took over 30 years go that continues to translate through every teacher. Even the one inside of me. 

Happy walking friends. 

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