Why Not Offer Teacher Training?


On January 8th, after teaching our community class, this question came up.  Why not offer teacher training for persons in our community that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it?  We spoke to Yoga Alliance and within weeks of wrtiting curriculum we became certified to offer our first 200 HR teacher training.  

We where overwhelmed that 17 students, that wouldn't have otherwise been able to have this life changing opportunity, began the journey and we at Y4AGH realized that this revolutionary act of offering damn near free teacher training is the GAME CHANGER!


A part of our dream is to make yoga accessible to EVERYONE including training.  Not only for the life changing power within a yoga practice but also the ability to have a certification that will allow financial growth by becoming a teacher that would have been out of reach for so many.  


With the support of our community, we raised funds to help make this possible.  Our dream is continue offering training to persons that want to be a part of this great lineage of yoga and find financial freedom.  But that means continued support from those who donate of their time, talent and financial resources.  If you have questions or wish to support our programs, please don't hesitate to reach out!



Imani Olear, founder of Y4AGH 

Y4AGHTT 2018 Graduating Class


200 HR ETT Application